Distant Bloom – New Trailer, Demo

UPPSALA, SWE (Dec. 8, 2022) – Meet the odd and endearing creatures making their way on a desolate planet in the new Distant Bloom trailer, which premiered today in the Wholesome Snack: The Game Awards Edition livestream. Watch the trailer here! 

Also, get a small taste of the game’s relaxing and rewarding Explore and Restore gameplay in the all-new Distant Bloom demo on Steam – available right now and up until December 15, 6PM CET. Play the demo! 

About the Distant Bloom Demo
After a long expedition through space, you and your crew land on an alien planet with the critical mission of establishing a new home for your species. Explore this desolate world and restore its blooming past with the power of plants.

At its heart, Distant Bloom is a cozy management and exploration game. The demo puts you right at the beginning of our adventure, which we hope will be a warm and sheltered experience. Your space-traveler and their robot-helper must recover from a rough landing and find their crew. Get introduced to this strange new world, its quirky settlers, and the basics of plant puzzles.

Distant Bloom is being developed by Ember Trail and published by Kinda Brave Publishing. It’s set to be released later in 2023. The demo is pre-alpha and not representative of the final product.

Media Assets
Download the new trailer and screenshots here.

Reach out to: Daniel Steinholtz, Communications Manager, Kinda Brave Publishing, daniel.steinholtz@kindabrave.com

About Ember Trail
Ember Trail is made up of a group of developers with tons of experience from indie and AAA, putting player creativity at the forefront. The goal of the cofounders was to create a healthy work culture, centered around employee health and happiness. The team developed and released Main Assembly in January 2021, providing players with an inventive sandbox experience filled with plenty of challenges. The game was nominated for Best Debut and Best Technology at the 2021 Nordic Game Awards.

About Kinda Brave Publishing
Kinda Brave is a Swedish games publisher headed by co-founders CEO Björn Rudolfsson and board chairman Kristofer Westergren, that focuses on sustainability through its three core pillars; People, Players and Planet. Kinda Brave has three development studios currently within its umbrella working on exciting new development projects. The company and its group of studios has a total of 47 employees. Kinda Brave’s management team has a range of credentials from places such as Mojang, EA, Raw Fury, Starbreeze and PlayStation. In October 2022, Kinda Brave became the world’s first LGBTQI certified games company.

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