Bird Planet is Under Attack!

An adrenaline-packed trailer for Dinomite Games’ Go Fight Fantastic dropped today, offering a look at this 1-3 player hack n’ slash set in a gorgeously hand-drawn sci-fi universe. Go Fight Fantastic is set to be released on Steam later this year. The soundtrack is created by Two Feathers Studio, recently nominated at The Game Awards and Game Developers Choice Awards for their work.

Sit back, relax and vibe to the trailer on YouTube here: Go Fight Fantastic Gameplay Trailer (YouTube)
Download the trailer, screenshots, and gifs here: Go Fight Fantastic – Assets

The trailer introduces Bird Planet, Captain Bowie, and his crew, before they all find themselves amidst an alien invasion. Fight across this picturesque world in Story Mode or get your blood pumping in Horde Mode. Both modes can be played in single-player or in co-op for up to three players.


Go Fight Fantastic is a 1-3 player hack n’ slash starring a crew of interstellar smugglers, led by their space-dog captain Bowie. When they stumble into an invasion during a mission to Bird Planet, they become the only hope of this once peaceful world.

Team up in co-op (local and online) or switch between the different characters on-the-fly in solo play.

Story Mode

Fast-paced. Light-hearted. Vibrantly hand-drawn. Fight across treacherous marshlands, steep summits and picturesque settlements and meet an imaginative cast of friends and foes along the way. A unique touch is added to each playthrough by a degree of randomized level composition, enemy encounters, and upgrade drops.

Horde Mode

Fire up captain Bowie’s combat simulator and plow through an endless alien assault to climb the online leaderboards! Use the strengths of all your characters to prevail, pick powerups between the waves, and repeat. The longer you stay alive, the more challenging it gets.

Build Your Crew

Play as four different characters, each representing their own playstyle, and tailor them with persistent Meteorite upgrades found throughout the game. Want a Healer who can deal some serious damage? Or a Striker with poisonous blades? Have at it!


Go Fight Fantastic is developed by Dinomite Games, a motley crew of indie developers based in Uppsala, Sweden. The game was successfully funded on Kickstarter in June 2020. Shortly after, Dinomite Games joined Kinda Brave Publishing – the world’s first LGBTQI certified games publisher.

Daniel Steinholtz, Communications Manager, Kinda Brave Publishing
+46 70 344 69 68

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