Hybrid Indie

We are small teams with big ideas

We love indie games, but working alone isn’t always that easy. Running a studio and taking care of people is a big responsibility.

We’re a group of indie studios banded together under a publisher that helps out with not just financing and game releases, but pretty much everything else that helps us run smoothly. We have friendly co-workers helping us with budgeting, recruitment, HR, legal stuff… we even share our own full-time sustainability officer! All while we focus on making cool indie games.

By sharing resources, we’re able to do a lot of stuff that would have been difficult for us to manage alone. We collaborate and inspire each other, since we’re all in it together.

We are Hybrid Indie

Each studio is owned by our group – and us developers either own part of the group, or get offered the opportunity to. It’s a mutual long-term commitment kind of thing. We believe that’s the best approach to pretty much everything. Give talented people the ability to do the right thing over and over and sooner or later it will pay off.

We’ve decided to call our setup Hybrid Indie. Each studio has its own identity and develops its own games. Has its own culture and flow. But since we’re working together as a group, there are a few things we’ve all agreed on, benefitting us all.

We are growing

Do you have a studio that share our values, that you think would make a great fit? Are you a developer that wants to come work for us or have dreamt of starting a studio of your own? Birds of a feather. We’ve started out in Sweden, but are always ready to take our show on the road. Let’s talk.

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