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100 Steps

Endorth Studio| Platforms: PC | Released: Oct 17 2023

Embark on an epic journey in a roguelike tower crawler where your ascent to godhood awaits! Grow in power, climb the Tower and its secrets as you ascend. Lose yourself in a captivating medieval fantasy world!

About The Game

100 Steps is a roguelike tower crawler in a fantasy boardgame setting. In search of glory, you have accepted the gods’ devious challenge of climbing the Tower. Play your hand, adventurer. And watch your step.

There’s only one way out from this fallen world: up. You have been granted 100 Steps by the gods to climb the Tower and join their pantheon. But break those rules, and an undying fury will be awakened.Begin your ascension in this roguelike tower crawler, unfolding against an inviting fantasy boardgame backdrop.

Grow Your Power
Kit out your character and enter the Tower where monsters and glory await. Turn your score from each run into permanent upgrades. Then, re-enter with new feats and upgrades, bringing you one step closer to the realm of gods.

Explore The Tower
The gods of this world may be cunning, but your curiosity will be rewarded. As you explore their strange bastion and interact with its entities, you will uncover secrets and new strategies to help on your journey to the top.

Watch Your Step
Lose yourself in a minimalistic yet inviting world that moves at your own pace. Its sounds and sights are inspired by medieval fantasy – mimicking an analogue boardgame.

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